The first 1000 fans 13 and over get a Dwight Schrute Recyclops

A homemade coupon book is always a welcomed gift and can certainly be made for under $10. Create coupons on your computer or by hand for services that you know your loved one will enjoy and include a small gift to go with the theme of the coupon book. For example the man in a relationship where the couple has children could give the woman a bottle of nail polish along with coupons offering his services as a babysitter while she goes out for a manicure with a friend.

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louis vuitton replica bags neverfull The Chiefs return home Wednesday, July 10 for a six game homestand and the series against Lansing starts with Peanut Free Night and a City Link Bang For Your Buck Wednesday Night. The first 1000 fans 13 and over get a Dwight Schrute Recyclops Bobblehead on Sitcom Night Thursday, July 11 which is also a Thirsty Thursday. Friday, July 12 is Distillers Night with Peoria Distillers jersey auction, post game fireworks, dueling pianos from Spanky Entertainment and the first 1000 fans 21 and over get a Distillers Mason Jar presented by Obed Isaac’s. louis vuitton replica bags neverfull

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