A post on Symbio’s page said: “Mum cradled the baby straight

The judges scolded the attorney general office for a counter argument it said arcane rules and the meaning of the words of the statute. Office argued that the court reading of the law was absurd because it in effect allows controlled substances into prisons. But the court noted that it previously ruled that it not illegal for inmates to have properly prescribed medications or medical marijuana behind bars though it may be against the rules..

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Canada Goose Jackets The zoo’s four week old baby marmoset was reunited with her mum late on Sunday afternoon. A post on Symbio’s page said: “Mum cradled the baby straight into her arms and bub immediately began to feed. “Early observations this morning are promising, with two bright eyed twins observed on mums back so a great result.” Detective Inspector Ainsworth said CCTV footage from the zoo had been viewed by police, but the vision was of little assistance to investigators. Canada Goose Jackets

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