A majority of men are able to keep their shit together without

Hence why we have played toronto, milwakee, 76ers and Gsw so well this year. Following on from this, Brad loves his different matchup problems he can create. Rozier is a nightmare against the 76ers because they have no guards who can run with him and he feasts with Embiid is on him.

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uk canada goose It is actually insulting to men in general to say that they have no self control and can help themselves. Don you expect better from yourself? Or are you really ok with burying the bar low and not having to pick up your feet to step over https://www.wincanadagoosepark.com it just so you can tell the world what a stand up guy you are because you only kind of assaulted a women rather than full on raped her? Because yes, grabbing anyone without consent is assault, no matter what your relationship was after, it was still done without consent.Saturnynian 1 point submitted 6 months agoStill really not holding yourself to ANY sort of standard, it actually really gross and disappointing that you think so poorly of an entire gender. A majority of men are able to keep their shit together without assaulting anyone, and the fact you seem to think that you can really goes to show the deplorable type of person you are. uk canada goose

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